Event Branding

Project Description

For this passion project I wanted to combine my two loves, theatre and design. I have created a full season for the Gladstone Theatre with promotional material for each production and the season as a whole. The season, Alterations,has three shows that have been inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. The shows are Harlem Duet by Djanet Sears inspired by Othello,  Round Heads and Pointed Heads by Bertolt Brecht inspired by Measure for Measure, and I’ll be the Devil by Leo Butler inspired by The Tempest.


  • Design a cohesive set of posters for each show and the overall season
  • Design a brochure to present the season to audiences

The Solution

Each poster features an element in the background that references the original Shakespeare play each production is adapted from. Harlem Duet, seen as a prequel to Othello features strawberries. It is a symbol of marriage and faithfulness. In Harlem Duet the symbolism is adapted to be a symbol of betrayal and heart break. Round Heads and Pointed Heads features the scales of justice as a symbol of Measure for Measure. This represents the injustices carried out by those in power, who can manipulate the laws for their own gain. Round Heads features the same unequal power dynamics among a town divided by their physical appearance. I’ll be the Devil features a chess piece Queen. This is a reference for the hardcore Shakespeare lovers as it far more obscure than the others. In The Tempest Prospero plays chess demonstrating his cleverness, and his ability to oversee situations and manipulate them. Maryanne plots and manipulates everyone around her as her husband tries to leave Ireland.  Alongside the posters for each show I created a poster and a brochure to promote the season. They each feature the symbols used from each poster. The brochure features an alternate layout of the symbols. Inside features a brief description of the season, each show and where customers can purchase tickets for the shows. The back of the brochure features the Shakespeare quote “All the worlds a stage..” To give tie in the inspiration for the whole season.