Packaging Design

Project Description

The goal of this project was to redesign a package in a more eco-friendly way. I wanted to take it one step further and add new design elements to the packaging. I love coffee, and I wanted to incorporate my coffee knowledge into the new package design. The goal was to highlight the importance of the growing regions of each coffee.


  • Redesign the Starbucks coffee bean bags using more sustainable materials
  • Redesign the look of the bag to highlight growing regions and its impact on the flavour profile of each coffee
Building the prototype

The Solution

The original Starbucks bag is made of multiple layers of metal and plastic pressed together that cannot be separated to be recycled. My design is made up of two separate layers of plastic and paper that can be recycled separately. The plastic is made of a recycled cellulose film that can be sealed with heat so there is no need for an adhesive. It features the Starbucks FlavorLockTM valve that allows gas to escape the bag while keeping oxygen out that can make coffee beans stale. The outer paper bag is made of a renewable wood pulp starch that can be recycled or composted. It is thick and opaque to keep sunlight off the beans which can deplete their flavour.

Inner bag dielines
Outer bag dielines
First iteration

Back to the drawing board

A Second Look

After completing my first iteration of this bag I went back to improve upon the outer design of the packaging. I also wanted to expand past just packaging design and incorporate individual design elements onto Starbucks merchandise.


  • Redo the illustration to be more detailed and attention grabbing on a shelf among so many other designs
  • Redo the growing region/roast sticker to be more legible and have more contrast with the rest of the packaging
  • Choose a font with heavier line weights so the illustration behind it does not affect readability.
  • Add design elements to mugs and gift cards
Second iteration
Gift cards